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important question related to corsair CX-M green/gray and sata cable

Dec 18, 2022
I have a slight issue on my hands. I bought a new PSU that the seller stated as open box but was in fact not and now I'm left without a needed SATA cable. Thankfully I am lucky and have another CX-M 750w in my other computer

Important part: I have another SATA cable from my other Corsair CX-M 750w PSU but the psu is the "green Label". The new one I have for my other computer is the "gray label". I'm unsure if the cable from the different label psus would work together. Even though they are technically the same model I want to make sure because I know I have a chance of frying my computer.

Help on this matter as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 24, 2009
Nova Scotia
they could very well be different OEMs and have different pin out. You will need to confirm

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