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In the midst of setup


Oct 11, 2009
Hey guys.

I'm putting together my first 'custom' computer here. I've read a whole lot.

From what I read when turning on the hardware for the first time everywhere on statrup im supposed to be presented with my mobos start up page. And press the delete key to get to set up.

Firs tthing it ran some bios page asking me to insert a boot disc. So i inserted windows, replacing what the old drive had, a dvd on 3ds max tutorials. On replacing the disc it started windows, it restarted windows a few times before getting to the installing process, I'm now expanding files, but I never made it to the bios setup. i'm becoming very concerned here.

It asked me which hard disk to install into, I chose disk 0.

Please check out my post on thermal paste under mobos and cpu's, I may have made a mistake.

I'm at bit of a different space now. I guess I installed windows, am using the RC, it keeps telling me that this version is out of date and they want me to buy the full version whereas on this computer I don't have that problem with the RC.

A bigger problem is, on startup I get all the nice mobo and ram flashy lights, and the bios states "'erifying DMI pool data', then it loads windows and all the lights dissapear. Something isnt working. I think my bios is messed up. I don't want to touch it anymore right now.
Whats up? Please assist.

Thanks for reading

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May 22, 2007
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Read the manual. Your flashing lights are your board's LEDs.
All is fine. You installed W7, but the RC is obsolete. You need to purchase the retail version.
Next time it boots, keep on hitting the Delete key to enter your BIOS. Confirm first though if it is reall the Delete key (in the manual) since some boards use different keys.


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Aug 21, 2008
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+1 to tapping 'Delete' key while booting to enter BIOS. Your mobo splash screen is popping up when you boot, but your video might not show up until after this point. So to you it looks like there's never a post screen. But honestly, I would be hesitant to go in to your BIOS and make any changes if you don't know what you're doing. Most of the time, your BIOS' default settings should be fine unless you're looking at OC'ing or tuning specific's.

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