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Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake Benchmark LEAKED!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. So, the company had a pretty amazing comeback when it comes to their consumer line of CPU’s. They went from constant and tired 14nm refreshes of the same architecture to… well 14nm again but a different architecture with the 11th generation and then they had Alder lake, the 12th gen of Intel Core CPUs, The generation that finally gave AMD a hard time in terms of performance. They didnt beat AMD in everything, but the price to performance you get from intel is actually pretty good.

So whats next ? I mean, AMD is about to flip the switch with Zen 4, a brand new architecture, and as far as we know, Intel’s next generation, raptor lake, should feature the same architecture as Alder lake, just with more efficiency cores.

Well, it looks like there is still plenty of life there for intel’s current architecture. Before I get to the leak, Just to give you a quick rundown, the 12th and 13th generation are both based on the Golden cove core architecture for the performance cores, and gracemont for the efficiency cores. Intel just enhances things here and there to give more room for better performance on the next generation. One of the things we know of for rocket lake is DLVR or Digital Linear Voltage Regulator. This allows Raptor lake to use way lower voltage, less power consumption, and of course lower temperatures. Another thing is a cache upgrade. The top of the line CPU could feature up to 68MB of cache, a lot less than AMD’s max of 96MB per chiplet but still a lot.