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Intel’s Alder Lake S Might Not Work With Older Games!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. Their new 12th generation lineup of CPU’s are closing in fast. According to current leaks, the announcement date is on October 27th, and thank’s to MSI’s little slip up, they should be available in stores on November 4th.

In terms of performance, we’ve seen a lot of synthetic benchmarks pointing to amazing single core performance on the whole lineup, and good to ok performance in multi core. In gaming though, we haven't seen much, what we do know about gaming, is that Alder lake might suffer from being too… well, too New. Let me explain.

Intel released a developer guide a couple of weeks ago. And in it, was a tidbit about these new cpu’s and DRM. As you might already know, DRM stands for Digital rights management. And it refers to a software that prevents piracy, and in some cases, tries to be an Anti Cheat software.

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