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Intel’s New CEO Knows They’ve Fallen Off ! 11th Gen Rocket Lake S Pricing Leaked?


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. As you might know, the company will be losing its CEO Bob swan as of February 15th of this year. And in place of him, intel appointed VMware’s now Ex CEO, Pat gelsinger to fill the role.

Hee might not even have started as CEO yet, but Mr gelsinger is already going into Rage Mode. During an all-hands meeting in Oregon, Pat Gelsinger was quoted as saying: “We [Intel] have to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem than any possible thing that a lifestyle company in Cupertino makes. We have to be that good, in the future.” Of course, that Cupertino company he was talking about is Apple.

In all fairness... He’s right. Sure Intel isn’t in the RISC - that’s R-I-S-C architecture business like Apple is, but the M1 chip proved to be extremely powerful, even when emulating X86 instructions. Both intel and apple are Working on the whole Big.Little core architecture but they are fundamentally different. Does this statement from the future CEO mean that intel will branch towards RISC for big.little and keep CISC for bigger architectures? Does it mean that intel will mix CISC and Risc? I dont know. But hopefully, this change in management means intel will kick it up a notch.