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Intel’s Tiger Lake Xe Integrated Graphics Beats a 4900HS!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. It seems like currently the most interesting segment for mainstream consumers is their tiger lake CPU’s for notebooks, specifically the XE Integrated graphics that have been doing the rounds on 3d mark’s database. The last time we saw a glimpse of it in action was back at CES where they showed a brief moment of gameplay with as little info as possible.

Well, about 2 days ago, Ryan Shrout, chief performance strategist at Intel, posted a video on Twitter showcasing the new chips. he was showing a tiger lake powered laptop with Xe graphics running battlefield 5. The notebook was reaching 30 fps consistently if not a little more.

Now don't get me wrong, this is basically a console-level type of gaming experience, and at first glance is definitely nothing to brag about. but given that this is a thin and light, it’s pretty impressive. This is at 1080p 100% resolution scaling, this is pretty important to note and on default high settings.

Now I know what you might be about to say, AMD’s APU’s ARE FASTER and you might be surprised. In fact, Matthew Connaster wrote an article on adoredTV.com testing the same settings as Ryan did but he did so with his Zephyrus G14 which sports a 4900HS and the results were not what I expected. He essentially averaged 25FPS. Now the 4900HS might be an 8 cores CPU but clearly, the game is being bottlenecked by graphics in that case, so it essentially runs the same as the 8 vega CU’s in the Ryzen 4800U. Now, The thing is, with integrated graphics, there are so many things you can do to improve performance. If you do a quick YouTube search for 4700U 4800U 48 or 900H or HS, you’re likely to come up with AMAZING results that range from 40 to 60FPS, but unfortunately, all of them use custom settings with a lot of them on low and resolution scaling is very often used. So yes, you can already have a great experience on AMD APU’s we already knew that. But this Intel chip is doing some work here.

NOW, The question is, does this chip matter? Well, if intel releases those chips early enough, and prices them right, and I mean really prices them right, since they literally have half the cores, I think intel might take back a small portion of the market. Van Gogh, which is AMD’s next-gen zen 3 and RDNA 2 chips are definitely going to fight back, but Intel will probably have a nice... Maybe 3+ months where they could shine. So yeah, impressive, but by no means groundbreaking.

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