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Intel 12600K Is a BEAST! Beats 5600X AND 5800X!


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Oct 2, 2006

The current rumors are pretty vague. We got a lot of comparisons to the RTX 3070 with some saying that the highest end ARC GPU, or Arc premium as Intel calls it, would trade blows with an RTX 3080. With this card apparently requiring one 8 pins and one 6 pin PCI-E power cable, I would say it might be right in between the 2 Nvidia GPU's.

In any case, that’s not what the focus is today, the focus is on the price. We might have an approximation of the cost of this GPU. Intel’s scavenger hunt, which started back before the announcement of ARC, That scavenger hunt has a couple of prizes which consists of an intel GPU, and extra stuff bundled into it. And in the footnotes of the rules, they added the estimated retail value of the winnings, And since you can estimate the value of the rest of the bundle, you can estimate the value of the GPU, So let’s do that.

So there are 2 prize tiers that include the GPU. The first one is 900USD. Comes with a PREMIUM intel arc GPU, ARC branded merch, and 6 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC. Now the Xbox service is fairly inexpensive at 10$ US a month, so, we’re at 840USD. Then we have the merch bundle. We can't know for sure, but assuming the person gets a T-shirt and some extra gizmo’s like cups, pins, and a water bottle, we can assume the value to be close to 100USD. Merch is often more expensive when made in small quantities. At the cheapest, I’d say the bundle is worth 50$. So for that premium card, we’re looking at between 750 to 800$.


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Mar 10, 2014
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I can't view the video that is posted with this one atm (work network), but that text writeup doesn't seem to match the post title. Title seems to be about CPUs but the whole text writeup is about GPUs? 🤔