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Intel 12900k Consumes MORE than 300W When Overclocked!


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Oct 2, 2006

In the last couple of weeks , we’ve talked extensively about Intel's upcoming CPU’s. And so far , they are really impressive. The i9 12900k does its job as the flagship for the blue team, and beats AMD’s top of the line 16 core 5950X. At least it does so in Cinebench R23, for some reason, it doesn't in CPUZ’s benchmark.

In the 12 core market we got the 12700k. And while it gets an impressive win in single core, It fails to dethrone the 5900X in multicore. Remember, these eco cores are not multi threaded, meaning that we’re comparing a 24 thread amd CPU with a 20 thread intel CPU.

Then we have the 12400, Which is probably going to be a killer.Its 6 cores 6 threads, Its moderately faster than the 5600X. Its 6% faster in single core, and 3.5% in multi core. But the 400 models from intel have always been cheap. Especially the 400F versions without graphics that usually cost less than 200$.

Now on the other hand, AMD’s 5600X is still 300$ on newegg US, so intel might come out the winner here. And Yes, I know, the 3D v Cache chips from amd are around the corner, but if they’re 15% faster in gaming on average, and they still cost 300$, which honestly , Might not be the case, I smell a price bump from AMD here, but yeah, even at 300$, the gap in price might not be worth the performance bump.

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