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Intel Alchemist GPU's are CHEATING BENCHMARKS!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

Well friends, we’ve been bamboozled. Actually, no. I’ve been bamboozled by my own memory. So on Monday, we looked at a benchmark for an upcoming Intel GPU. Specifically, the Alchemist A730M. Now, the benchmark in question was 3dmark’s Timespy. And in my experience, while its hit and miss on some games, you can generally count on it to be a good estimate for the performance of a GPU.

The Alchemist A730M scored pretty well with 10107 points.Some even got scores of 10500 ish points. That score puts it above the RTX 3070 and below the full-fledged 3070 ti laptop gpu’s. So, how did I get bamboozled? well, 2 ways really.

First, while I did mention that their drivers were bad in the last video, I didn’t really factor in how bad they were and the fact that, well its a new player in the game. I’ve spoken to mike at hardwarecanucks since they test a metric ton of laptops every year, and he essentially told me that yeah, Intel’s current drivers are just not at the level of AMD’s or Nvidia’s. At least the good news here is that it can only go up from here. I mean we saw how much of a difference a driver update can make on the performance of a game. AMD’s last GPU releases came with a driver update that boosted the performance in games by anywhere from 3 to 25%. So yeah, only up from here for intel.

Anyways, the second way I got bamboozled, or I guess I bamboozled you guys is by completely forgetting Intel’s own words. Back on the 30th of march, intel released a blogpost. This blog post was for a special driver that would get released in April. It didn't release in april so I kind of forgot about it but it did release in may, and it explains a lot of what we’re seeing here.