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Intel Atom Power Consumption Preliminary Tests

Hardware Canucks

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Apr 21, 2008
VR-Zone.com managed to lay our hands on Intel's latest Little Falls ES mini-ITX solution, featuring their latest low power processor, the Intel Atom. The Atom on the board is based on the Diamondville core, clocked at 1.6Ghz and comes with Hyperthreading technology. This is the first time that Intel incorporated their own chipset into their mini-ITX solution, previously employing SiS chipset solutions with their processors. we ran some power test on the board, and together with our FSP Everest power supply, 7200rpm 80gb hard drive and a sata dvd-rw, it draws roughly about 32 watts (assuming 80% efficiency, power meter shows about 39watts) of power. Something cool, check the video out for more information.


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