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Intel Explains Low ARC Alchemist Clock Speeds!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. So, now that ARC Alchemist has been announced, intel is basically letting some of their engineers and executives trickle down some information to us. During their presentation a couple of weeks ago, they unveiled a lot of specs related to their laptop GPUs but some of those specs were pretty confusing. Or at least they deserved to be explored a little more.

Well, 2 weeks later, that is what we got from Tom Petersen, Intel’s Graphics Innovation Fellow. So the slide that I'm talking about specifically is this one. I was confused as to what exactly that clock speed was. I knew it wasn't the boost clock since we’ve seen ARC GPU's like this A350M boost to 2200Mhz a couple of times even before its release. And as is, a 30 watt GPU would for sure not have the same boost clock or game clock as a 50W CPU with the same configuration.

So what are those clocks? Well, you can think of them as the absolute minimum boost clock the GPU can achieve if its in a TDP constrained environment. The intel Fellow gave an example with the A370M. the 1550 MHz clock speed is the lowest average clock that you will see. No matter what design the laptop has. And this is specific to the lowest TDP too, so 1550Mhz, is the clock you’ll see on the 30 watt A370M in the worst environment, on a typical application. So basically, the base clock… Should have just said that…

Oh, and also, during that Livestream, Tom let it slip that he has a desktop version of the Alchemist GPU. They were discussing the design shown during the Livestream, you know the limited edition version. And he said that he hopes to get one, and that right now, he only has “This one”. It has 3 very well spaced 8 pin connectors and.. Yeah, that’s it. It's more likely to be a prototype than a different version of the card.

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