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Intel Fights BACK - Tiger Lake & New Xe GPUs Explained!


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Oct 2, 2006

Intel has show off details about their new Tiger Lake CPUs based on the Willow Cove architecture along with updates to the Intel Xe GPU, DG-1 discrete card and a new lineup of Intel gaming graphics cards called Xe HPG. The Tiger Lake notebook processors will have a release date soon in 2020 and will have features like PCIe Gen4, DDR5 support and even USB 4. Meanwhile the big Xe news is about the Intel discrete GPUs with DG-1 and Xe gaming GPU called HPG will which have some cool features too like GDDR6 and more.


0:00 - Intel Tiger Lake CPU & XE Graphics Intro
2:05 - 10nm SuperFin Process
4:18 - A New Intel Roadmap
4:39 - Intel Willow Cove, RIP Ice Lake
5:58 - Tiger Lake CPU Explained
7:30 - Intel XE Graphics In Depth
8:48 - Should AMD Be Worried?
9:34 - Intel DG-1 Discrete GPU..Sorta
10:48 - Meet Intel XE HPG, A GAMING GPU
12:19 - Wrapping Up!

written review: https://hardwarecanucks.com/cpu-motherboard/intel-tiger-lake-new-xe-gpus-explained/
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