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Intel FORGOT About AMD When They Launched The ARC A770!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let's get started with intel. Now I'm not about to give you a full roundup of what was announced by since, well, there are dozens of videos about it. But I will touch on 2 things. First, the A770 price. 329$. Personally, I think it's a little too expensive. If we dont look at the driver issue then sure, it's better value and performance than a 3060, and is cheaper than a 3060 on the market right now. I mean the cheapest one I could find new is 370$.

But it doesn't take a genius to just look in the other direction. AMD. The 6700XT has hit as low as 360$ in the past. That’s an insane value proposition. And if Yuri, aka 1usmsum, adds compatibility for this card on his Radeon monster profile, it becomes a powerhouse. And if you dont want to wait for the prices to go back down, or just want a lower-priced card, the 6650XT is also a beast for 299. These AMD GPU's really went down in price since launch.

So just like in the CPU market, it looks like AMD is the competition here. But that’s not to say that the ARC A770 is dead in the water. Just like someone might choose a 3000 series for the sole purpose of having features like better ray tracing performance, Nvidia broadcast, and a better Nvenc encoder, the A770 has “ Allegedly” Better ray tracing performance than both AMD and Nvidia at the same price point and a better encoder which includes AV1 encoding. It looks like adding a third player in the game makes your gpu choice more and more about the feature set than just raw rastered performance. At least that’s as long as that player stays.


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Jun 24, 2009
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They are even more selective in benchmarks/pricing/etc than other companies. Just like the random 5800X3D lines in the CPU gaming benchmarks instead of a dedicated bar to easily make a comparison. I will reserve judgement until after 3rd party reviews for CPU and GPUs, and then see street pricing.