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Intel Plans To End AMD's Ryzen Rampage


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Jul 12, 2008
GTA, Ontario
I think the question I want to ask is: Why didn't Intel release these multi-core with hyper-threading chips sooner? It's like as soon as AMD showed signs of life with the Ryzen 2000 and now Ryzen 3000, Intel is saying "OK! Time to put more cores on our chips!" and then they flipped a switch and did it. Don't they have to prep their fabs or however CPU production works?

That or Intel has been preparing for a while and has decided now is the time to start leaking things out.

Your answer is capitalism. They aren't going to push the envelope too much unless they have to because it just means they would run out of room sooner on their current manuf capabilities. Also, Intel needs this out there in the world right now to give people a 2nd thought before plopping down the cash into AMDs ecosystem.

I know that the last time I did a serious upgrade was in early 2014, and I don't really need to upgrade now but just have an itch. My next rig I'm expecting to last about as long, and there have to be a lot of people just like me....Intel wants to keep these customers.


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Jul 16, 2007
Toronto, ON
The latest leak today looks a bit more legit, I'll link the source: https://hk.xfastest.com/31780/comet-lake-is-not-lga-1159-it-should-be-more/

Normal chipset on motherboard, not on the CPU, 2020 release date and 125W TDP on the top end chips.

I see Forbes has updated their article to say that it was likely fake too.

I don't think Intel really has any serious counter to AMD at the moment, chances are AMD should be refreshing the chips around the same time next year with some refinement and higher clock speeds.


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Jun 24, 2009
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More info confirming it had bits and pieces of truth within false info. Most notably timeline.


"...Comet Lake will have a market presence spanning Q1 and Q2 2020, meaning that the 10 nm "Ice Lake" won't arrive on the desktop platform until at least Q3 2020..."

"...The Core i3 series will be 4-core/8-thread, the Core i5 series 6-core/12-thread, the Core i7 series 8-core/16-thread, and the flagship Core i9 series 10-core/20-thread. Intel will leverage its refined 14 nm node to increase clock-speeds across the board, with its 10-core silicon having a TDP rating of 125 W, and not the 105 W we saw the other day..."

AMD could have the next gen out by then (maybe wishful thinking).

Only time will tell.


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Jul 17, 2011
I will believe it when I see it but late 2020 and 125w TDP makes a bit more sense for a 10 core on 14++...++ since that is at base clocks. At max turbo its gonna need that chiller they used.
Also makes more sense that this isn't Intels new Emergency edition, was likely already planned.

Just in time for Zen 3 ;)


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Feb 7, 2019
Probably planned but more likely a plan B...
"hey if we cannot fix the 10nm process we might need to run another sku line in the mean time to drive sales"

And i'm not surprised to see the TDP go up like i mentioned previously the original TDP numbers sounded fake.

The next gen threadrippers (depending on timeline) may still put a huge damper on all of this.