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Intel Xe Graphics News Coming Soon? Rocket Lake IPC is Meh…


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. We’ve been waiting for news on their XE graphics, And I don't mean leaks, I mean actual news from the company, and it seems like we might get some pretty soon. The intel graphics twitter account tweeted a little something on friday saying, and I quote “ You’ve waited, You’ve wondered, We’ll deliver. In 20 days, expect more details on Xe Graphics.”

Now since the tweet was posted on the 25th, that would mean the information would drop on the 14th. What’s even more curious is that the tweet was promptly removed, a couple of hours after it was posted.

Now the only conference that could be used for such an announcement would be Hotchips 2020 which is from the 16th- to the 18th of august. Maybe intel messed up with the tweet scheduling. Anyways, hopefully this means their 10nm process is in check enough that we’ll get some info on the discrete cards they’re planning for the consumer market.

Also with intel, we got some rocket lake news, The information comes from Moores law is dead and was later confirmed by Rogame on twitter. The Rocket lake architecture which backports the Willow cove core into 14nm’s, now called Cypress cove, would bring an IPC increase over skylake of give or take 10%. On top of that, the final clock speeds would still hit 5Ghz +. Last week we saw intel making progress on that front with an 8core cpu just about hitting 5Ghz. And lastly, the TDP of these chips will be high which is no surprise given the current situation with intel’s 10th gen currently at 125W. Rocket lake will be interesting. With intel’s pretty bad situation and delays, They’re going to have to change something. And I know I’ve been saying this a lot, and I know they haven’t delivered on it, but I sure hope that they will do something about the pricing. AMD is outselling Intel insanely right now.