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Intel's Hybrid CPU Alder Lake-S Slated For November!


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Oct 2, 2006

After what? 6 generations? The company is finally moving on from their 14nm process with alder lake. Not only that, but a drastic architecture shift will also happen at the same time. Intel told us that they would lauch alder lake for desktop this year … but as we all know with intel,* SHOW ARTICLES about delays* timelines aren’t really their strong suit.

Now though, according to WCCFtech, intel would launch their 10nm Alder lake S series in november. That means that rocket lake will only have lived for 8 months. Alder lake in case you forgot will be using big Golden cove cores and small atom gracemont cores with configurations of up to 16 cores, being 8 small and 8 big.

According to a leaked slide, this new architecture would provide a nice 20% single thread boost over rocket late and up to twice the performance in multi core when compared to the last generation. That’s nothing to scoff at considering intel is not far behind amd in terms of performance. It is in terms of efficiency though.

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