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Want to Sell iPhone 6**SOLD**


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Jan 14, 2012
Nova Scotia
Hi All,

Looking to sell the Wife's old iPhone 6.
-Current carrier is bell, but if need be I can unlock it on Monday (tried to unlock it today but the girl said that no one in that department was working today)
-It's been in the case 99% of it's life since we bought it new
-Cosmetically it's 9/10 condition.
-No dents/nicks or scratches on the screen that I can see. There is slight discoloration on the bottom edge(shown in picture) but it's not a scuff mark, I have no idea what was on it that turned it that color.

Reason for selling; She upgraded a couple weeks ago and I have a company phone so we have no use for it.

Asking price is $200 shipped in Canada


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