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iPod Touch quandry


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Jul 21, 2011
I registered my iPod Touch about 3 years ago on iTunes using its serial # and a username/password combo. This iPod has always run in conjunction with a single computer & iTunes knows (I expect) the IP address. The current computer is running Windows 8.1; the new system will be Windows 7. I also purchased some software apps and a few songs. The device works perfectly.

I now wish to give it to my daughter who has a different IP address and lives some distance away (well beyond Wi-Fi). If I give her the username/password combo can that person install iTunes on her own computer and re-register the iPod Touch without losing the apps/songs? Will the different IP address cause problems? Will it cause problems trying to register the device in 2 separate instances (since the serial # would already be registered as in use)? Post installation, can she change the iPod's name?

If necessary, what about sacrificing all the purchased apps/songs, etc and simply registering it again? There is not a lot of money involved here (about $20-25) and my daughter would probably want different apps, anyway. If, for instance, the transfer is against the EULA for the apps/songs I am more interested in transferring the hardware legitimately than trying to shaft Apple out of a few bucks.

Will I - or the tentative new owner - need to show that the transfer is legit (thinking not stolen and not some scheme to defraud Apple.) If yes, how?

Any other thoughts welcomed.


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Jun 12, 2010
Langley, BC
If your daughter has the login to the itunes account she will have access to all the apps and music purchased on itunes, on the iPod. However when she syncs the iPod for the first time to her PC it will wipe everything off of it, so any music that isn't from iTunes will be lost.

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