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It’s Actually GOOD? Intel Alder Lake Pricing!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with intel. It looks like this is the Alder lake week because that’s pretty much been the main subject of all my videos recently. We’ve talked about performance, we talked core configuration, power limits, power consumption, but we never really talked about price. Except for saying that this would be the determining factor in intel’s success.

Unfortunately, Intel has always thought of itself as premium. And if they could win in a single segment, then the prices would be through the roof. For example, even if it really only won in gaming, the 8 core 9900k was still priced as high as AMD’s 12 core 3900x, even though, the AMD part destroyed intel in most tasks. And their top-of-the-line 8 core CPUs of today still have a Suggested price of around 540$, even if they dont sell at that price.

So what do you think pricing will be like with Alder lake? Well, we got a leak! Micro center listed the two top-of-the-line cpu’s by mistake and it is GOOD. The i9 12900k is to be priced at 669 US. And some guy was able to get his hands on one for about 610US, so the price may slightly vary. That’s a whopping 130$ Less than AMD’s 5950X. And as you might have heard, It’s going to beat it in single-core and probably match it in multi-core. By the way, this is what the box looks like.It’s a good old box, but inside is a round gold wafer case where you’d find the CPU. It’s fine, but I definitely prefer the 9900K’s dodecahedron case.