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Just another Cable Management Thread


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Jan 23, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Since I've done a few new rigs this year I decided to pull apart my first build. Long in the tooth now, but a proud achievement when I first built her.

An Antec 1080AMG gun metal tower. Ah, I was so naive when I put her together.

Look at my misguided attempt at cable management. Years of Cruft to boot. The poor Northwood 3Ghz was running 52C idle with all that dust.

So I took her apart, piece by piece, and cleaned out the dust and grime. I left a few parts out when I put all back together, the useless modem, the obsolete floppy, and that Optical DVD-ROM which died an untimely death.

I left in the SB Audigy 2, terribly as it is with it's fussy OEM drivers, and the hobbled All-In-Wonder 9600 PRO for which Creative won't release full vista drivers. I'll have to get a replacement AGP card for it, it's a shame, it should be sitting in an XP based HTPC.

I decided to make a few alterations to the 1080AMG, it's not as new as it was when I got it, and neither am I, so a few holes can't hurt. Then all the wires can go on the backside.

Now I was able to get the cables in line and make it look like a new build... Incidentally, I'm glad I pulled this apart, I discovered that the PSU was on it's way out, so those that are observant will notice I replaced it with a 120mm fan RaidMax, it's not a quality PSU but it's newer and it's caps are intact.

Ah the cleanliness of it all. And now my Northwood is happy and cool at 29C idle...

PS: Funny how things go. I noticed a piece of plastic in this case and since everything has a purpose I scratched my head about it for a while. Then I remembered, duh, it's to hold the ends of those old full length PCI cards. You don't see any of those anymore... LOL.



3.0 "I kill SR2's" Charlie
May 22, 2007
Bedford QC
Quite amazing what good airflow can do to a chip. I know this combo (3.0 Northwood - P4P800) quite well, since I first started oc'ing with that setup - hence my nickname 3.0charlie (the other name for the Northwood was 3.0C).

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