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Just two questions re: fans, for my build


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Jun 5, 2010
Gonna build a Ryzen box in 2 weeks. Starting w/a 1600, slight OC and basic GPU. Undecided on which case. I may use my Lancool K58, a FD Focus G mini or another case. Planning on (2) 140mm PWM fans in front, 1 120mm PWM on top in rear and a 120mm non-PWM out the back. Should give me slight positive pressure.

Given a choice I disagree w/anyone who recommends non-PWM on front fans b/c I can get lower RPM. But some swear by using 7V manual switches.

Behind front fans will be virtually unobstructed. I'm focusing on fans w/ ~60 CFM at less than 25 dBA no matter where I place them. Although I think at least 1.0 mm H2O pressure for front fans is prudent.

My plan sound logical? Any critiques?

Thanks in advance for any interest,