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Killer modding and video


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Mar 8, 2010
I haven't watched the video, but I read about it...
Before I begin talking about my latest build, let me just say this: I'm a PC. That's right, I said it. Back in high school when we got a shipment of brand new iMacs I was one of the few that wasn't lured in by the flamboyant colors and bizarre error sounds. While everyone else was using iMovie and Final Cut Pro I worked with Premiere, and later Avid. There was nothing I could do on a Mac that I couldn't do faster and better on a "PC". Now, though, that I'm looking to start my career in video production I'm finding a lot of employers are wanting editors who have experience in Final Cut. This left me with the distasteful choice of either setting foot in an Apple store or spending the next couple of months laboring in my garage, with the potential for serious injury. I of course took the easy way out; I present to you the OS Xbox Pro.
One of my primary goals while designing this system was to create the best price per performance for running Final Cut Pro. A Mac Pro configured with similar specs runs around $4500. By simply watching for deals, and searching through a wide range of PC component manufacturers, I was able to build a system with a retail cost of under $1500—and that includes a retail copy of OSX. Add to that a copy of Windows 7 and Ubuntu and I've ended up with a computer that I might actually enjoy using.
OS Xbox Pro