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Lamptron Touch Fan Controller Video Review

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Apr 11, 2008
The fan controller market has been pretty stagnant over its long lifetime, with the only real changes coming when manufacturers were able to introduce LCD's for their products. For the most part, the tried, tested and true formula of dial knobs for adjustments has been a staple but Lamptron is looking to reinvigorate its product line with a fresh idea that does away with flimsy dial controls.

The Lamptron Touch Fan Controller pairs the company's impressively and powerful controller design with a touch screen interface to create not only a very slick looking device, but one that is able to offer intuitive features that you won't find on your everyday unit.

It has a whole lot going for it; providing an incredible 6 channels for fans, each of which support up to 30W. The integrated ARM processor is what allows the controller to not only be very responsive, but includes an automatic fan control option that can be completely customized so you can set it and forget it.

While the touch screen interface was impeccably smooth and relatively easy to navigate, one nagging issue did arise due to the positioning of the touch recognition points and small icons. We found that all too often, the control would send us to a different fan than we selected and that attempting to use the bottom fan speed control had us fighting to do fine adjustments.

Lamptron has developed and incredibly powerful fan controller that does just about everything an user needs and wraps it up behind an innovative touch control system. If you are an enthusiast that is serious about temperatures and airflow, you owe it to yourself to check out the Lamptron touch controller.


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