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LAN Party Eh is back!


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Jan 5, 2008
I have to agree mini lans are the best of lans. EVER! no big lan with buckets of free stuff will come close to the awesome inside jokes that come of them.


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Mar 30, 2015
I was there also!

I was there at that event also. I was (At that time sponsered for unreal tourney and Q3 arena. I met tons of cool people there and my sponser also sponsored the event. If possible I am looking for any photo's or video's of Smackdown 2 or 3 in London Ontario. I sat beside Dimitri (I think) from Hardware Canucks and met Jonathan aka Fatality at the event. I now have a 18 year old son who is huge into videogames. I would love to get some pictures or video of the event to show my son if anyone has any from way back then.
Thanks for the help all!

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