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LanWar X in Oshawa, Ontario


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Oct 22, 2015
Hello fellow LAN goers,

My name is Kyle and I'm here to tell you about the Largest Conglomerate Gaming Event in Canada known as LanWar X!

LanWar X is a LAN party that's located at UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) and Durham College's Campus in Oshawa, Ontario. We take over an entire university building for the weekend of November 20th - 22nd and host a variety of gamer oriented activities. The event attracts approximately 1,000 attendees and is continuing to grow every event.

Dedicated to offering a wide array of competitive and casual gaming, vendors, prizes, cosplayers, trivia contests, raffles and giveaways, LanWar X has partnered with these sponsors so far with more to come!

  • Canada Computers & Electronics
  • KigurumiCanada
  • Even Matchup Gaming (EMG)
  • ESChamp
  • E-Sports Canada
  • TeSPA
  • 401 Gaming
For more information about the event and tournaments visit lanwarx.ca/ and our Event Page on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter @LANWARX for updates leading up to the event!

You can also purchase tickets right now at tickets.lanwarx.ca/.


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