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"Laser TV" an up and coming High-Def technology


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
This Laser TV technology from Novalux is supposed to be the nesxt big thing in televisions and is schedules to me released next year. The supposed advantages over lcd and plasma are:
-deeper, more natural color
-Greater color point accuracy
-more uniform light emission
-high stability and efficiency

"Plasma and LCD represent the two main technologies of choice for today’s high definition televisions, but by this time next year a third technology called laser TV will emerge in hopes of bringing the best picture quality yet.
Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Novalux Inc. is one of the main developers of the upcoming laser TV technology, and promises that its products will deliver appreciable benefits over plasma, LCD and CRT televisions. When compared to plasma and LCD, laser TV technology boasts half the production cost, double the color range, and three-quarters less power consumption."

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