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Latency Issues, Or?


Aug 12, 2008
Hi guys, recently put together a budget build. (My first new build in about 8 years.)

- Intel G3258 @ 3.2GHz

- 8GB Kingson Hyper Fury X

- Asus Z97-A Motherboard

- XFX 8800 GTS 512MB ( carried over from old PC)

- 500W Corsair PSU

- Windows 8.1 x64

On first install of Windows, everything ran flawless, system was buttery smooth, but I was having trouble installing windows updates. (Windows would search endlessly for new updates). I hadn't done much, so I decided just to reformat and install windows again.

Awhile after installing again I noticed the system wasn't performing as smoothly as it was before, and I was getting some weird pop and crackly noises when adjusting volume or skipping through video content.

I used LatencyMon to check lantencies and they were pretty bad, I tried to trouble shoot by removing usb peripherals and disabling certain thing in device manager but could not find anything.

So here I am on my 3rd reformat, latencies seem fine now, I am not getting any notification in LatencyMon about any drops in performance. But the damn crackle pop noise still persists when changing volume in the volume mixer. Also when running LatencyMon, the crackling happens all the time if their is audio playing. Turning LatencyMon off and I only ever notice the crackling on volume change or skipping through video content again.

Not sure what to make of this, I can hear the crackle pop noises through my wireless headset as well, so it's not my speakers.

I should also note that LatencyMon is showing a ton of Hard Page Faults with very long resolution times.
After about 20 minutes.

Reported Hard Pagefault Count = 14393

Highest Reported Hard Pagefault Resolution Time = 3709682.106629

Running all mechanical drives btw.

Please HELP!

EDIT: All Drivers, BIOS, etc up to date.

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