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Leaks from Igor's Lab Navi21 XT power


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Aug 17, 2008
Courtenay, BC
Here is why I am suspicious of the wonderful Firestrike leaked numbers

If you check out this review link, you can see that this AIB 5700XT's numbers in Firestrike ultra nearly match a 2080 super, and pass a 2080. But we know that it doesn't typically outperform a 2070 super in gaming. So, best synthetic for RDNA / RDNA 2 perhaps?

All the hype will only get worse once the press release is done because they are going to show their absolute best, the same way NVidia did their reveal. We will not know the truth until 3rd party reviewers get their hands on the cards and do their thing.

I vote with my dollars, I was on the verge of getting a 3900x system over a 10850k system anyway, but the info from AMD on the 5000 series was enough for me to go all in, so fan boy am I not. I will be happy if AMD can pump out something great, it isn't like I haven't owned Radeon before (but it was ATI Radeon).

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