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let's talk about coffee, part II - roasting


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Jul 8, 2014
This will be my last comment. It is in no way shape or form, 'exactly the same thing'. Sample roasters, and likely cheap options like the Hottop/Bullet/etc, are purpose built, highly engineered machines, whereas BBQ drums are macgyver'd. BBQ drums will have absolutely zero consistency between batches (of the same bean), which might be fine if you were just making coffee for personal consumption. But a small business whose product varies wildly from one batch to the next, does that really sound like a good idea?*

* A variable, of course, is the sophistication/palate of the local population. Maybe they would not even notice the inconsistencies.

big thing is not enough heat or too much heat,
Not exactly, the issue is actually airflow. All modern roasters are dependent on using/controlling airflow throughout the phases of roasting. BBQ drums have none, without additional macgyver'ing.

Chaff collection is another issue, while serious roasters also monitor BT & use Artisan to improve batch consistency, so... more macgyvering. There's a reason I did not mention r/roasting. ;) On second thought, the best starting point is probably Scott Rao' The Coffee Roaster's Companion.

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Nov 21, 2007
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I'm happy to ejumicated, if the BBQ method is so wrong...as for chaff collection, it's done during the cooling cycle via a cooling device that's available.

and that book is on my list..just gotta find the $60 to buy it :p