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LG GH22NS30 issues


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Dec 22, 2008
Just bought an LG GH22NS30 from directcanada.com and it arrived really fast (2 days).

Thermaltake 500W PS

This is my first SATA drive so I've never had one plugged into this mobo. When I first powered it up, it recognized it no problem and booted to windows. XP installed drivers no problem and it ran fine for a couple hours. When I came back to it a while later, it was locked up and I restarted via button. On reboot it wasn't detected by the BIOS and XP wouldn't boot (it just restarted again).
If the PC comes from a cold boot it will function for about 2 minutes after successful boot to XP then lock up or BSOD.
I took the risk of doing a firmware update hoping that was the case. It successfully finished and I did an immediate reboot. All seemed normal ... for about 5 minutes then it locked again.
I have a feeling it is a power issue, but I'm not sure on which end (PS or DVD). With the SATA disabled in the BIOS, I cannot open the drive with the button (I thought it would work as long as there was power).

Any thoughts?
I'm working on an RMA but if this drive has issues I don't really want one from the same stock. Anybody else have issues this this drive?
I don't really have any other means of testing this as I don't know anybody who will allow me to install this on their computer.