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Want to Sell Like New Corsair HX850 - $80 + Shipping


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Nov 7, 2008
Burnaby, B.C.
A few basics:
1. I can only take EMT, cash, or money order
2. If you'd like to get a quote for shipping, my code is V5G 1R8, or if you would like, just PM me yours and I'll figure it out for you.
3. Price is fairly firm, I think it's pretty fair. I do like to bargain though, so don't be shy.

The title sells it all. Selling a like-new Corsair HX850W PSU. Total actual usage has been about 6 months, where it was running an OC'd i7 950 @ 4.2GHZ, with OC'ed GTX 480 at 850/1700/2000 (core/shader/memory). Overall it worked excellent and I have never had any issues with it. Just pulled it out again and after testing it, still works like a charm. Comes with all original cables, including wall cable, as well as pouch and manual. Goes for $200 at NCIX, and cheapest price was at ME for $160 Asking $80, plus shipping. PENDING!

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Oct 3, 2007
if this is still around when I cash clears I Want it for my next build :)

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