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Live Stream of NVIDIA GeForce Announcement (Watch here!)


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Dec 12, 2008
Already 30 on backorder. I wonder if those are actually placed backorders from individuals. :haha:

The price reflects what was posted earlier, or at least closely enough. Hopefully this means the 660 Ti will be around the 249.99 mark. :clap:

Even better would be if it performed @ 7950 levels. That might be asking for too much though. :whistle:


HardwareCanuck Review Editor
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Feb 26, 2007
Hey Sky, I read in the GTX590 preview article that you don't think the GK100 will happen anytime soon if ever. Do you mean that it won't get released as a 600 series card, or you don't think it even exists and the next flagship card will be something totally different?
I mean they don't really need it for the time being, do they? So why even bother releasing it?

What they can do is actually (if my prediction is correct) use a GK100-type card for the HPC / Professional space where they can get top dollar for it and spec it out with a ton of GPGPU-oriented features that would be completely pointless in the GeForce lineup.

If needed, they can then roll it out to the GeForce lineup when the "refreshes" come out but considering AMD's release timetable, I don't see that happening either but you never know what's going on behind closed doors.

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