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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Review


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May 7, 2008
Calgary, AB
The G5 is a mid-level gaming mouse that performs very well in games, and still gives you ultimate comfort for browsing the web, and other everyday computer tasks. I have been using this mouse for well over a year now, and I have been loving every moment of having it in my hand. The mouse costs around $70 CAD and is available at many locations.

What really surprised me about this mouse is the texture. On top where the mouse’s appearance is most noticed, the G5 feels scaled somewhat like a stone driveway, which gives a comfortable grip without making the hand sweaty. Most conventional mice feel too smooth to the touch, and after using them for a few hours, become hard to hold on to and become slippery. Not the G5, especially on the sides where the thumb and ring fingers would rest - the G5 is rough, and provides a fair amount of grip that does not wear nearly as fast as standard mouse plastic would. With my over a year of use, only the spot where I placed my finger tips shows any sort of wear, which does not affect the overall comfort of the mouse.
Using this mouse for hours on end gaming, or browsing the web, I feel no fatigue. The mouse is extremely easy to hold in your hand mainly because of the thumb indent on the side. The G5 also slides very well across your desk, without use of a mouse pad. The Polytetrafluoroethylene feet are to thank for this, and are showing a little bit of wear after a year of use, but still have about 2 more years to go, which is a lot of use since I use my computer for hours and hours daily.
The right and left click buttons are easy enough to click are well constructed. They do not push too easily for accidental clicking, and provide the perfect amount of feedback and do not make too much noise. The scroll wheel is also well balanced, providing great feedback for every scroll click, and also feels of great quality. It is louder than some mice when scrolling quickly, however that’s to be expected from a well built scroll wheel. The side scrolling feature of this mouse is nice, but gets annoying when clicking down the scroll wheel, as it tends to play side to side, I could live without that feature.
The side buttons are placed in the perfect position and are in reach, yet out of the way so you won’t accidentally push them. The DPI adjustment buttons are also in a good spot, you will not accidentally press them and mess up your mouse settings, yet are right there for on the fly DPI adjustment in game. I am very impressed with the comfort of the G5 and it’s just as much a gaming mouse as it is an everyday use mouse.

The G5 provides instant feedback and never skips a beat, no matter how fast you’re moving it along your mouse surface. The fabric braided cord allows the cord to slide very easily across your mouse surface, so it doesn’t interrupt with precise movements. The G5 can be adjusted from 400 to 2000 DPI, with report rates per second options of 125, 200, 250, 333, 500, and 1000. Using 1000Hz setting yields no noticeable CPU usage, therefore this is the setting of choice for most users including myself. It glides very easily across surfaces, so it tracks very slight movements down to the pixel which really helps when using Photoshop and other graphic related applications. In FPS games, it holds it’s own, pointing exactly where you put it, as fast as you want it to go. The G5 is a very responsive and accurate piece of hardware.

The mouse includes a CD with the Logitech SetPoint drivers and software included. The software takes somewhat of a long time to install, but is definitely worth the wait. The drivers are problem free in XP, and using the Logitech software you no longer have to deal with the lack of mouse options in windows.
The software includes many options for the mouse, including what you want to do with the extra buttons on it. You can set the scroll wheel to default, or can make it zoom by default, auto scroll, universal scroll, or assign a keystroke to it. You can assign a keystroke to any of the mouse buttons, except the main left and right click. The side buttons come default as forward and back in browsers, which comes handy for quick browsing. You can set which programs it does these tasks in also. You can also program these buttons to do many other things, such as maximize, minimize, cut, paste, double click, page down, etc. There are LOTS of options for all of the buttons on this mouse, which can come in handy for various amounts of applications. I personally use the generic forward and backward buttons, and I love it that way for browsing the web.
The options also enable you to choose the amount of scrolling lines, sensitivity of side scroll, and also acceleration. Within the software you can choose to use smart move, pointer trails, and mouse acceleration. There is also a general pointer speed slider, so you can further customize the pointer speed along with DPI adjustments.
The advanced gaming settings are where you get to choose up to 5 stored DPI settings. You just use the + and – buttons on the mouse to switch between settings indicated by the LED’s on the mouse. You can choose DPI based on X and Y axis, so if you want your mouse to move faster sideways than upward, you have the freedom. You can also set different DPI settings to different games, instead of having the same layout for every game. The Logitech software and settings is really easy to use, and has tons of features.

This mouse includes a weight kit that gives the user added customization to complete the ultimate feel and responsiveness to their computing experience. The weights come in a neat tin canister packed in specifically made foam so the weights don’t just clank around in it. The G5 includes 8 of each 1.7g and 4.5g weights, of which 8 can be used in the mouse at once. I use about 16g of weight in my mouse. The added weight really reminds you that the mouse is in your hand, which makes it much more precise. You can add the right amount of weights to suit your needs, but I found adding too much made it more difficult to slide along the mouse surface.

Build quality:
The quality of this mouse is bar none. As mentioned earlier, it’s showing very minimal signs of wear for the amount of use I’ve put it through. The polytetrafluoroethylene feet have barely wore for how much I’ve been using it. The clicking functions and scroll wheel all still feel as if new. The only outer wear is located where my finger tips push on the left and right click buttons, which is expected of any mouse used for this amount of time. Logitech built this mouse very solid, and I’m impressed at its craftsmanship.

As you can already tell, I’m very impressed with just about every aspect of this mouse. For the price you pay, you certainly get a quality product with a lot of features. It’s built very well, and performs as it should. It’s extremely comfortable for both gaming and general computer use; therefore I recommend this mouse to anyone.

Very comfortable
Great against wear
Exceptional performance
Easy to use software with many great features
Slides along surfaces very well
Lots of customization

Sidescroll is awkward
Doesn’t have high enough DPI for serious gamers
Software took too long to install

My score:

Quality: 10
Performance: 9
Comfort: 10
Software: 9
Value: 9.5

Overall: 9.5

Reviewed by Jake_HT - Feb 28, 2009.

Please feel free to point out any mistakes or parts you wish to be covered, or picture requests. Thanks for reading.
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Oct 23, 2008
Awesome mouse, I use it with my Func 1080 Archtype mouse pad. Love them both


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Sep 12, 2008
i find the mouse too fat/tall, always give me wrist pains :sad:

the G5 and mx518 are more suited for bigger sized hand personnels


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Mar 13, 2009
Tempe, AZ
I've always loved my little MX-518. Looks awesome, performs extremely well.

Little bugger's durable, too. Had one since they first came out. It finally broke about a month ago, and now I have a new one.

When I buy the components for my new computer, I'll be throwing in a G-5 as well.


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
Nice review! but please allow me to rant for a moment: personally, I think the weights are mostly pointless- there is no practical reason to make a mouse heavier, other than to create the weighty illusion of quality and to give us neat little knick-knacks to play with- it is an appeal to our inner child's desire to take neat little watch battery-like modules and place them in a neat little tray which in turn inserts into the bottom of our neat little toy. I fully understand the reason that the marketing people thought up the idea and why it sells, but I really think that serious users be much better served if the marketers inserted these neat little weights up their neat little @$$es and knocked another fifteen dollars off the MSRP. ok done.


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May 6, 2007
LOL the rant!

Great review, nice pictures. This site has way nicer looking reviews. Reviewers are good too!!! Keep up the good work!


I should do a review on the sidewinder.... personally i'm not a fan of the g5 mouse and i've owned 3 of them. I'll buy another one and do a review on it next month or something. Nice review tho Jake +1