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Want to Sell Logitech G5, Razer Lachesis, OCZ Reaper 2x1Gb DDR2-1150...


Nov 9, 2007
Canada > Quebec
Hello dear canuck community, I've got a few things which I'd like to sell so here it is. If you are interested in something or have any questions, just PM me anytime and I'll reply within 24H for 99.99% sure :thumb:.


OCZ Reaper 2x1Gb DDR2-1150 5-5-5-15 2.1v:
I'd never thought I'd be selling this kit since I have it since less than a year and it's pretty much the best 2x1Gb kit that money can buy for DDR2 memory. It haves lifetime warrenty, part number is (OCZ2RPR11502GK), and I'm only selling it since the way I've overclocked my E8400 to 4.32Ghz I'm using the following settings (480x9=4320Mhz CPU, 480x2=960Mhz RAM). There's no multipliers that won't make me exceed the 1150 by a lot, so if I'm going to be stuck at DDR2-960 then why would I need a kit that can go as high as 1150. This is why I'm attempting something new even if it may cost me money and that I could see no benifits in 80% of the situations. I wana try a DDR2-1000 2x2Gb kit if I get to sell my OCZ. Look it up online, at most place it's about 70$ and higher + Taxes + Shipping, and often they have their annoying mail-in-rebates which takes many months to receive, if you do receive them.
Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3

Price = 65$ Shipped


Logitech G5 "Blue Version":
I bough that mouse when it was on a sale at which the price was a real steal. Heck it was so cheap that I bought it to use it at the office where I used to work for 8 months so the mouse have been used say 8 houres per day x 6 months only. It's in perfect condition, everytime I was finishing my day at work I would unplug it to lock it in my locker so no one else could touch it. It's a very good and confortable mouse but yet it just can't match, in my opinion, my Ikari Laser so I'm selling the G5 since I no more work in a office. The price using online comparator seems to hang between 60-85$ + Taxes + Shipping.

Price = 55$ Shipped


Razer Lachesis "Blue":
I bought it the day it came out since I had it pre-ordered directly from the Razer store, it did cost me a good 80$. I never had any tracking issue with it unlike some rare users even with the firmware v1.0 but I can say it is even much better with the latest one being v1.75. The tefflon under the mouse is still 100% intact since I never used the mouse elsewhere than on my Razer Goliathus "Mantis before" cloth pad. On its surface it's also very good, there's no scratches or weird spot.. so really this mouse is still in perfect shape but now you must wonder why the heck do I want to sell it. Right, here's the reason. I also wanted to try the (SteelSeries Ikari Laser) since while ago when I heard good stuff about it. I was so curious... and also had money to spare so I bough it on impulsion for fun even thought it was also 80$ + Tax. At first I had a hard time getting use to it then I liked both pretty much 50/50 but now I'd say that it went 55/45 for the Ikari and since I only have 2 hands well one high-end mouse will be enough for me. I just can't keep 3 high-quality mouse, that would be a waste. Look on all the price comparator you could find, you'll see that the average is 80$ and higher + Taxes & Shipping. For a few pictures of the mouse try both link below.
Link #1
Link #2

Price = 65$ Shipped
PS: 60$ If you let me ship without the original box to reduce shipping cost.


PAYMENT METHOD: I do not accept Cash-On-Delevery.
As of now, I ONLY accept EMT, Money Orders, Certified Cheque or of course also Real Cash given in face to face. As of April 2009 I now also accept Paypal.
PS: I have a VentureOne account with Canada Post so I can ship stuff faster and cheaper to you!
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