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Logitech G500


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Nov 1, 2009
Well first off I'm writing this review out of plain boredom, due to the fact that it's exam week in school and I'm already bored on the second day of my five day weekend ( Attention spans of sixteen year old teens aren't that good.) So let’s get back on to topic now, a few weeks ago after my old stock Microsoft 3 button mouse gave up on me I was in a drastic need of a new mouse. After searching around a bit I found a pretty good deal on the Logitech G500 mouse at Futureshop, so I decided to go pick it up. The Logitech G500 is just a reinvention of the G5. I would post a picture of the packaging but as I am writing this review a few weeks after I initially bought it I have thrown the box out already. The packaging was good; it showed you all the info on the sides and let you see the mouse clearly. When it came to taking it out of the package there was no silly or dangerous clamshell packaging to mess around with. Everything came out smoothly and was securely held in place in its own individual compartments. Next we move on to the accessories that came with the mouse.

The accessory set that comes with the mouse is fairly basic. It comes with a quick start guide, a user’s manual, an advertisement for other Logitech products, and the coolest accessory is the metal tin that comes with all the weights in it. The quick start guide is quite a joke to be honest; all it has in it is a diagram of the mouse with labels, and two instructions, one being to plug the mouse in to the usb port. The other one is to download the driver's. The user's manual on the other hand show's more of the mouse’s feature's in depth, it also shows you the basics of Logitech's SetPoint Software. It comes in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. Finally onto the most important accessory that comes with the mouse and these are the weights.

The weight's come in a really nice metal tin, that is padded with a black foam, there are two sets of weights, six pieces of 1.7g weights, and six 4.5g weights, over all you can add in a max amount of 4.5 grams of extra weight to the mouse. This is good for people that like either heavier or lighter mice. The metal tin also looks good and makes a good paperweight on your desk. Lastly the CD, it just contains the basic Logitech SetPoint software, and is compatible with the Logitech G500 and G9x, it is also compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I personally did not use it instead I just downloaded the latest drivers from the Logitech website. Now that we're finished looking at the accessories that come with the mouse let's move on to the actual mouse. The mouse is visually pleasing it is mostly black with a silver paint splash pattern on the top, it also has red lights on the left side that display that it is on (more on this later), and also show the DPI setting the mouse is set to. The Usb cord is not your typical plastic material except is a woven fabric that looks and feels very durable and does not get caught easily.

The top of the mouse is a smooth plastic that is really comfortable even after hours of working on the computer. While the top is smooth, the left and right side of the mouse is a very finely textured rubber that provides just enough grip for your thumb. The layout of the mouse is very well planned out in my opinion and for the size of my hands( which are on the larger side of the scale) My finger's do not accidently press the wrong buttons, and I don't need to put my hand in awkward positions to press any buttons. As for the grip on the mouse, it is designed more for palmers, and if you like to hold your mouse in the claw position, it will be uncomfortable. The only problem that I have with the design of the mouse is that my pinkie finger sometimes hangs off, which causes discomfort after a while of heavy usage. Now that we have covered the layout of the mouse it is time to move on to the technical skills that this mouse holds. The mouse can go up to a staggering five-thousand-seven-hundred dpi and can go as low as 200 dpi. The mouse also has on board memory, so you can store all of your macro and dpi settings on board. The mouse can support up to 5 dpi settings, with the help of SetPoint. This can be set from 200 all the way to 5700 in increments of 100. The Y and the X axis can be adjusted separately if preferred. The mouse also contains a two mode scroll wheel; this includes a precision mode and a hyper scroll mode. The precision mode is the usual old fashioned clicking scrolls while with hyper scroll you can get to the bottom of a long excel spreadsheet in seconds. Hyper scroll works really well on web pages, and long documents, but in games is really impractical. The next and probably most important part of the mouse is the laser Logitech uses a gaming high class laser that works on a lot of surfaces. I have used it on a gaming mouse pad, a wooden desk, and even tested it out on my leg while I was wearing track pants. It performed exceptionally well and did not skip on any of the surfaces. The laser is also an invisible laser so the way that you know that the mouse is working is by the little red dpi lights and the running man under them. This mouse also features a tonne of customizing options, it includes ten buttons, is a bit higher than the average mouse and will suit any gamer without leaving the want for more buttons. The weight cartridge system is also very easy to use and can be popped in and out without any difficulty.

With the weight system I fell that Logitech could have upped the weight a bit because even after putting in all 27g in to the mouse I still fell that it is a bit too light for me. The last part that I will look at is the included Software. This is Logitech SetPoint; it is an easy to use program that lets you customize all aspects of the mouse. It allows you to set the buttons, the pointer sensitivity and the scrolling sensitivity. There's nothing really special about the software, it's just convenient and easy to use. Overall I am really happy with this mouse. Would I recommend it to other people, I sure would. But am I sure they would like it, with that question I am not a hundred percent sure. Just like with shoes and underwear, a mouse is a highly personal thing that fits differently for everyone. Overall I give this mouse a solid 4.5 out of 5.
+Price point, with the feature set is very good
+The mouse is customizable in many ways.
+The feeling of the plastic and rubber do not feel cheap and are comfortable.
-Right side of the mouse could be designed a bit better*.
-A little more weight is left desired at the end*.
*These are purely personal opinions and mostly depends on the person using the mouse

Whew, I'm finally done my first full and legit review. I think this calls for a celebratory dance!!:bananafunky:!!


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Sep 5, 2008
Yeah, I really wished they kept to the 8 slots for the weight cartridge like the G5 had, because I find now either I have it too heavy or too light. That and I really liked the textured top of the blue G5 as opposed to the smooth one of the G500. I will say though, the feet on this mouse feel a LOT less glidey than the G5, even after this thing has a good 50 or so hours burned in. I really prefer the G5 because I never went over 1600 DPI so the main selling point of 5700DPI is useless to me.
Good review however.

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