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Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review


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Feb 26, 2007
Logitech G-series keyboards are nearly legendary in their stature among gamers and enthusiasts. The early products within the lineup are still regarded as some of the best peripherals ever released due to their amazing ability to adapt to nearly every situation. For example, the G11 and G15 keyboards incorporated an innovative LCD screen that showed critical information. This was a feature which many competitors tried to mimic but few succeeded in achieving Logitech's seamless integration.

This is where the new G510s comes into the equation. In an effort to stay ahead in a cut-throat market, it has been designed to take advantage of the latest technology and adapt it in a way that fits perfectly with today's gaming high level expectations. Make no mistake about it though; the G510s' $120 price tage retains Logitech's premium position above all else.

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Logitech's higher end keyboards have been very well received by the gaming community due to a great many reasons. Programmable buttons alongside easily understandable software are the key's to any gaming peripherals' success and the G-series accomplishes both with impressive poise. Meanwhile, the versatility of an LCD screen is somewhat useful during gaming but more importantly gives gamers bragging rights when their friends came over.

Due to the success of the very popular G510 keyboard, Logitech has decided to refresh the faceplate of that iconic design with a glossy dark blue coating and they've released it as the the G510s. The new coating supposedly makes the keyboard more durable and keeps fingerprint smudges to a minimum but as we've found, that's more easily said than done.


The keyboard's layout and basic functions remain identical to that of its predecessor with three profiles and 18 programmable G-keys, giving users an overwhelming amount of in-game customization. The LCD can be used to display in-game stats (list of supported games can be found here), a timer and stop watch, news feed and profile navigation with dedicated buttons. There's also support for FRAPS and certain system monitoring stats.

Gamers will of course appreciate the vast array of color options for the backlight, allowing them to essentially color-match every one of their gaming peripherals. This is done through simple and intuitive driver software where built-in memory allows gaming profiles to be saved straight onto the keyboard.


Dedicated media controls are within reach with a smooth volume wheel and other features. Meanwhile, a convenient built-in sound booster allows users to plug in a headphones and / or a microphone right without having to visit the motherboard’s I/O or loose any fidelity. A mute button is also conveniently located above the 3.5mm jacks, with LED indicators of course.

The G510s' keys are non-mechanical and use standard rubber-dome switches, which to many gamers is a complete letdown considering the direction of most gaming keyboards. Nevertheless this is a feature packed keyboard that boasts a slight makeover . instead of packing in more functionality. Make sure to watch our full review of the Logitech G510s above to see how it stacks up.

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