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Completed lowfat's Big Lian Li.


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Feb 12, 2007
Grande Prairie, AB
Been working on cabling all weekend.

A few pics of how the cables were before. Lengths were way out of whack.

But damn they looking good at the top.

I worked on length and straightening out the 24-pin for probably 6-8 hours. . Still not quite perfect, will get the lengths 100% there once I finish the GPU and 8-pin cables.

Crimped the cables for the first video card. I ran out of 18-gauge wire last night and the store was closed today. Ended up using 16-gauge since that is what I have around. I already test fit to make sure the shrinkess method of sleeving works and it did perfectly. The stacked PCIe power connectors don't even look half bad IMO.

This is the finish on a Silverstone Strider 750W Gold. Looks pretty cool. Will take another pic when i get my reverse lens mount in the mail.

Just a random pic of a screw.

And some fittings.

Some rams.

Photobucket is being a POS currently. Some pics might not load properly.


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Dec 11, 2011
That build is so clean I would hold my breath near it to prevent dust build up hahaha.
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