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Lucid Virtu - Worth it or not?


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Apr 12, 2011
So I've been looking into z68 and p67 motherboards.

I don't think I'll need SSD caching (i plan on buying a large SSD)
I'll be using a discrete video card.

So the only difference left for me is that I can use the integrated GPU on some boards in case my video card craps out on me, and I can also use Virtu.

I read the review on HWC (http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/43205-intel-z68-review-sandy-bridge-platform-expands-5.html) and it seems that it can be troublesome to setup and that it can have issues with newer drivers.

What do you guys think? I guess for my needs, I should be looking into the p67 boards? They are cheaper, and have more models available for now.

I have a lenovo y560 and it has a discrete 5730 and the integrated GPU. I ended up turning off the integrated GPU, and the drivers for the 5730 that support switchable graphics are released by lenovo and are very outdated. Do you think this situation is going to apply for virtu as well?