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Lucky Mobile

Cannon Fodder

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May 5, 2010
Mission, BC
The thing is after putting in the unlock code the phone said unlocked successfully ..i have googled away like mad and found nohting that worked :(
OH, you didn't say THAT before! TBH, I don't recall my phone saying the unlock was successful, when I used the code Koodo gave me..... pretty sure it didn't, which is why I called them back. At this point, it might be as JD suggested, i.e. the APN settings need to be manually changed..... IIRC, that info is on the Lucky site.

Also, my phone occasionally(did it just this morning) disconnects from the system(we're in a "spotty" location), and I have to go into the settings, do a scan for available networks, and then either choose Lucky, or hit "Select Automatically", and it connects again..... MAYBE trying that will help.
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Feb 26, 2010
I had an issue with public mobile where my phone thinks it's a regular Telus network so I had to manually input APN settings.
Lucky and public are both on the Bellus network but they're both MVNOs. (Which is how I would limit you to 3g speeds on a 4g network)

Rogers equivalent Chatr, simply uses the old 3g network.