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Mac OSX on PC


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Aug 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
What exactly do you mean running on PC? Like dual booting with Win 7 & OSX or just OSX on generic PC hardware? If it's the latter, I done it using the iBoot method.


My sister's rig:

Intel Q6600
Gigabyte P45UDL3 (I think)
Nvidia 9800GT

I say the rig is 95% functional. It won't sleep without crashing and no wireless module that work completely out of box. So the machine stays on all the time and I just use a TP Link wireless client to connect to my wireless router.

If you follow the hardware list or the suggested build list, it should be pretty easy.


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Sep 5, 2011
is there a compatible parts list?
I have a i7 2600k
P8z68-v gen 3 board
GTX 580
crucial m4 ssd


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Oct 5, 2011
Adelaide, Australia
If you can devote time to it, you can create a Chameleon EFI and run MAC OS X with it. But if you want it automatic and all the hard work done (which I wish I have found out sooner after 2weeks of trial and error with Chameleon) Download the EMPIRE EFI, which incorporates the Chameleon EFI into a bootable disk. Also if your willing to spend some money, I bought a copy of Snow Leopard for $30 upgrade version at my local tech shop.. Ohh here is the links for it, haven't used them for a long while but this is where I learn it from:
OSX86/Hackint0sh | Prasys' Blog
Chameleon: Articles about Mac OS X developments, reviews and other things I like

If I remember you need chameleon to boot you can choose from both but if you want to save time use the Empire EFI. Also after you manage to install Mac OS X, you need to find compatible drivers in the internet. Might take a while but there might be some compatible for Mac.


If you have a PC why you want to run Mac on it? Honestly this whole thing is rediculus!


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Jan 9, 2012
Why not? Running OS X on a PC is much cheaper than buying the Apple product, yet the hardware specs will be better.

people always say it's better, and cheaper

the build quality is different, the overall experience is different.. you can't readily replicate it.. and the fact that you have to go and figure out some compatibility issues, and not everything works right, etc.. just not worth the hassle and distracts from that experience

specs isn't everything.. it's like saying a Honda Accord has 4 doors, must be better than a BMW with only two doors..

i have both pc and mac laptops and a c2d macbook was still usable when c2d pc laptop was a junker.. macbook pro was rated as the best windows 7 laptop wasn't it by pc world?