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Macs Overpriced?


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Oct 18, 2007
The avg. computer user who barely knows how to use their computer will know how to find an Apple forum? I know some people who are these types and they'd be hard pressed to find a PC forum to ask such questions.

LOL - re-read your post, find the irony in there.

PS. I bolded it (the irony) just in case :biggrin:


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Nov 5, 2007
No I'm not contradicting myself with that one and yes it's easy to fix a Mac -if you know what you are doing-... which didn't look like your case.

Actually I know exactly what I am doing having built plenty of PCs. My point was that the HSF on the G5 was encased in this metal shroud that you either a) need some special tool to get off or b) literally break it off. Not very "easy" imo. The shroud serves ZERO purpose other than to a) make you buy a tool (i.e. spend more on Apple) b) make you break the thing off or c) make you spend gobs of money for some pimple faced smartass at the Apple shop to take it off (i.e. Spend more on Apple).

A G5 isn't a Mac Pro. The interior is a lot different.

Yes I know I have both. Actually I have a G4 too. The G3 however is long gone now, lol.


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Nov 21, 2008
Terrebonne, Qc
Well, building an OS around a hardware platform is stupid. Hardware changes. Apple knows this. They went from Motorola 680x0 processors, to PPC, and now to evil Intel.

Unless of course you mean superficially, but I don't see how they do this any more than anyone else then.

I don't have much time to reply to anything right now... but you got it the other way around.

Apple build the hardware around the OS and not the OS around the hardware.

I know that when I quoted you I didn't see that you did a mistake and didn't correct it, but my first post about it (way higher) is right.


Jan 18, 2009
Hard to believe but I figured out how the prices work on the Macs in a dream. Weird I know.

First off.....The panels. Mac uses IPS panels in their PC's. Those are pretty pricey panels. That alone would make the price JUMP.
Secondly.....the designs of the macs do not come cheap. Take the iMac for example ( the new ones ) with the unibody frames. They may be aluminum but the carving of the frames must be a little pricey as well.

Now this is mostly about the iMacs.....still think that they need to price down the Mini's a bit ( $499 would be acceptable ) and the laptops as well ( I do not know if they use IPS on a laptop or not ).

Damn you Midget!!! You got me wanting an iMac 21.5!!!!! You will BURN for this!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
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Sep 10, 2007
No one is claiming the iMacs are expensive. Just their laptops.

They are, I believe they use IPS panels in the larger MacBooks(I know that my little 13" isn't so good screenwise, no better than my old $850 Dell at any rate). The one thing that a lot of people tend to ignore, for MOST manufacturers, any laptop not 15.6" or larger is generally a premium line. Look at the Sony Vaios, they get more expensive the smaller you take them.

Now, that doesn't totally excuse the price but frankly, we KNOW that Apple enjoys taking a large margin on their sales. Always have, always will. At least they're pretty:biggrin:

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