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Microphone Picks Up Audio in Discord & CS:GO But Quiet In Windows & OBS


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Aug 11, 2008
I'm trying to play some games with my friends and for some reason, the microphone on my Sennheiser GSP 300 seems to be really quiet. When I am in Windows at the Sound panel, the microphone bar barely moves when I talk into the microphone. Yet when I changed the microphone device to the webcam, the bar is always 50% filled or more. However when I'm in Discord or in CS:GO, everyone can hear me just fine when I talk into my microphone.

I do have the Realtek HD Audio Manager installed and microphone boost set to 0. I don't want to boost it because I know it'll distort the sound, pick up a lot of background noise, and just sound bad overall.

Edit: I tried sitting 2 feet away from my Logitech C920 and it picks up my voice very clearly and audibly. Leaving the settings the same and changing microphone input to my Sennheiser again, despite my mouth being 2 inches away from the microphone, it's barely audible.


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