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Microsoft adds some clarification to Windows 11 hardware requirements


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Apr 13, 2008
Edmonton, AB
I'm of the same mind, but it doesn't sound to me like it's going to be a thumbs up or down option. It sounds to me like any compatible PC will probably get the "upgrade" in the same manner as we're currently getting major version upgrades in win 10.

I suspect windows 10 will be depreciated and we'll just be getting security updates until it's EOL.
I don't think it will be a forced thing at all, at least not for the first couple years. Well at least not with enterprise/pro versions at least.

10 might not get much in the way of changes, but I'm sure we will see at least another major update or 3 before they switch to a just security update mode.

Of course, we can rock win10 till 2025 but If I like win11 I would like to upgrade and not have to worry about the OS for years to come, that's my take on things

Oh don't get me wrong, having the cutoff not include Zen 1 surprises me too.

I did check my wife's laptop since it is somewhat due to get a cleaning/redo but it is a i3-5010u and from what I can see doesn't make the cut either. So instead of just being able to start fresh with 11 I'll have to redo/clean 10.


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Jan 22, 2009
Orillia, Ontario
it's not just a surprise it's a huge piss-off cause they say they're having kernel crashes so what are the differences between zen 1 and zen+ that changed so much to cause this to happen to zen 1, kinda sounds like bs to me. also, I am very very happy with my 1700 CPU's for their low power and yet great performance and would like to keep using them into the win11. only time will tell