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Mobile Intel and Discrete GPU in a laptop stutter on YouTube videos


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Dec 1, 2011
GTA, Ontario, Canada
When I had my last gen 8th Dell G5, I encountered a problem where when I was viewing YouTube videos the video would get choppy and pause while still playing audio.

In task manager, the discrete GPU 1050 was being used. Optimus tech switching messing up ....switching back and forth ??? I don’t know why it would be choppy most of the time even with a clean Windows 10 install.

I tried disabling the Nvidia card but that would disable the external monitors (HDMI + USB-C (Thunderbolt) to HDMI) so it was useless. I normally run a external monitor, one at least.

Now with my older new Ryzen 2500U laptop everything is fine viewing anything. But it runs hot up to 70 degrees C when doing normal things. Fans run kinda loud even with two slim 80mm fans laptop cooler pad. Also I am in a cold room too so that’s the only thing dislike about the AMD laptop. Runs Hot.

When I was using my Dell G5 it was too bulky and just like 10-15% faster than the ryzen laptop in my sig.
I don’t game at all no more.

So did anyone experience YouTube videos running badly with Dell setup like mine?