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monitor has some issues


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Jan 31, 2009
I have a Samsung SyncMaster 275T Plus. It is massive and beatiful, but it has a problem. When the monitor is taken out of standby, by the computer, it shows a bunch of rainbow lines. I can fix it by turning the monitor off and on, but as i spent $800 on this beast, it should work flawlessly. Its being doing this ever since about 2 weeks after i got it. It doesn't do everytime, but %80 of the time it does. Its especially annoying if I need to start in bios. It a new computer and i dont know all the start keys, and by the time i restart the monitor, its past that part. I put a picture if that helps at all. It doesn't always look like that. sometimes its all black with a flickering patch in the corner.

I have the GTX 275 with updated drivers. I also have a secondary 17" dell monitor in portrait beside it. It doesnt have the problem but mabye theres something about it being connected. Everythings under warranty (except the dell screen) but I wanna make sure theres not an easy fix before i start complaining to the store. (which is easy. I got it from memory express. price matched everything with no shipping). I have no idea what is causing this. It may not even be the monitor. Any advice is welcome



Oct 12, 2009
Toronto ON
^ the guy above me sounds very pro and I'm humbled to say this:haha:, but do you have another output source, such as an old computer or something? I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'standby'... do you mean the monitor is 'on', but there is no signal?

sooooo yea... just try it on another output and see what happens. Very unique problem I must say:shok:

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