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More computer trouble


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Jan 25, 2008
Hello again HWC community,

Attempting to fix my parents pc and before I make any change just thought I'd post here and see if everyone comes to the same conclusion I did.

The computer randomly shuts off (not restart, just off). Haven't been able to determine a pattern to it. Sometimes it will not turn back on for 10 or so minutes after shutting off. It always boots to windows when I can get it on, but will stay on a seemingly random amount of time (from 5 seconds to hours). Does not matter if an operation is being performed.

Temperature on the cpu does not go much above 40C. Tested with another PSU and the same thing happens. Ran various spyware/malware/virus checkers, the computer had several spyware issues, nothing serious.

So I am assuming the problem is the motherboard. A MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum (AM2) mobo. They would like it replaced asap if that is the issue. Picked out the one I would buy. Just want to be sure before I make the purchase.

Thanks in adavance for any assistance, :thumb:



May 5, 2007
Montreal, Canada
Assuming the other PSU you tested it with works fine for sure, then I'd have to agree with you that it's motherboard related. Anything else would cause BSODs (failing memory/hdd) so my money is on a dying mobo.

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