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More RTX 3000 Series Specs And AMD Ryzen Burnout?!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia. It seems like in the last few days, we’ve been getting closer and closer to getting most of the answers when it comes to the specs. Yesterday we had an igor’s lab leak where his sources added some information and confirmed our TDP suspicions. Essentially, there would be 3 sku’s identified by the PCB number PG132. The highest-end card which is right now called the rtx 3090 would have 24gb of gddr6X. The card under it, the RTX 3080 ti or super would feature 11GB and the RTX 3080 would be a bit lower at 10gb. The connectors are also slightly different with only the 3090 having support for NVlink. Anyways, on to the TDP. All we’ve been hearing so far is a tdp of between 300 and 350W. Turns out, the 3090 is going to be at 350W and the 3080 slash ti is at 320W. Now Igor’s lab does specify that this is the total board power or TBP. which is technically different than TDP because it takes into consideration things like VRM heat loss and fan power. But just know that 90% of the time you look for a chip’s TDP online, you end up with the TBP number.


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Jun 24, 2009
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Another headline grab, sadly from HWC with the “burnout” thing. AMD has already responded about this:

AMD - “We want to be clear with our customers: AMD Ryzen processors contain a diverse array of internal safeguards that operate independently of external data sources. These safeguards enforce the safety and reliability of the processor during stock operation. Based on our initial assessment, we do not believe that altering external telemetry in the manner described by those public reports would have a material impact on the longevity or safety of a user's processor."



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Jul 17, 2011
Yeah it is a lot like MCE where they let the processors cook themselves for the sake of benchmarks but the thermal throttle / protections are still a thing and they will throttle down before damage is done.

It is basically benchmark cheating, especially the BIOS thing. Reminds me of the issue of smartphone companies detecting which apps are running and disable power management so it makes it look good in charts.

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