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Motherboard audio volume is self regulating...


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Aug 21, 2008
Edmonton Area
Having an issue with the onboard audio for my MSI Z87i Gaming board. I have all drivers installed and updated, as well as the Sound Blaster audio utility installed. What I'm finding is that the audio levels drop for one application whenever the audio for another application kicks in. This happens consistently, and is annoying as hell!

For example: If I'm playing Poker Stars or a Windowed game, and watching a Youtube clip on the side at the same time; whenever the game or PokerStars audio spikes with a ding, beep, loud noise, etc... then the audio on the Youtube video drops by a significant margin for a few seconds. This hapopens even if I have the game audio turned way down in audio controls.

I originally assumed this behavior was attributed to the Sound Blaster 'Smart Volume' feature. But I have that option disabled and it's still happening. I've tried uninstalling the Sound Blaster utility, but the same issue occurs. I even recently upgraded my SSD and completely reinstalled Windows, but the same issue is concurring on a fresh install with the latest drivers.

This must be a setting somewhere, but not one that I can find. When I google the issue, I come up with the 'smart volume' suggestion, which I've already tried. Anyone else have any thoughts? Ever dealt with this before?

Windows 7 Pro x64 - Updated
MSI Z87i Gaming - Updated BIOS and drivers
No additional audio card


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May 31, 2009
Contol panel ( sond Icon ) / properties/ Comunications /( Do nothing )

Try That.

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