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Motherboard didn't come with HB SLI Bridge. Which Z270 board should I buy ?


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Jul 24, 2010
Toronto, Canada
I bought the Aorus Z270 K5 but got mislead by the comments and thought it would come with HB SLI bridge for the 2x 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme cards I have on the way.


I will be returning it and getting another board that comes with the HB bridge.

Any suggestions ?

Some that I found with HB Bridge:

Z270 TUF Mark 2: https://www.amazon.ca/ASUS-TUF-Z270-LGA1151-Motherboard/dp/B01MQTDBOO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496982739&sr=8-1&keywords=z270+tuf

5 year warranty + low price.


ASUS board with RGB and good price (but it won't sync with my Aorus 1080 Ti RGBs)


ASUS ROG board. I have a ROG X58 (Rampage 2 Extreme) from 2008 and I am still using it. 9 years and it has been SOLID. I think ASUS ROG boards are basically the best you can get because high end and LOTS of features but HIGH price !!!

Any thoughts ?

Rest of specs are 1000W G3, 16GB Corsair 3000 ram, i7 7700k, 1TB MX300 + 2x 256GB MX200 + 2x 3TB WD Reds in a Silverstone Fortress FT02 and a D15 cooler.

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There is no noticeable improvement on a HB SLI bridge versus that of using one or two flexible bridges even at resolutions such as 4K. In my opinion it's not needed and just a placebo effect.

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Well that's awesome.

I did in fact see a 5-15 FPS increase with a HB bridge compared to the standard on 10 series cards.
The HB sli bridge is more intended to improve latency on the frametimes rather than performance. Refer to this link:

NVIDIA HB SLI Bridge: A Technical Review - Overclocking.Guide

There also other reviews showing barely any (if at all) a performance improvement from a HB SLI Bridge. Compared to a flexible SLI bridge you are paying many times over for a rigid bridge that offers doubtful improvements. That's even more so pronounced since most motherboards usually include flexible SLI bridges.


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Oct 30, 2009
I think the way the OP went about getting the bridge was the best option. Get a more feature rich board that happens to come with the HB bridge, rather than seeking it out specifically.

It doesn't make much sense to buy it separately at $45 USD - though if you are buying 2x 1080 Ti, that extra cost isn't likely to dissuade you.