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Motherboard Issue?


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Feb 8, 2010
Southern Ontario
Windows 7? Is the boot problem always from a cold boot?

I'm basing the next part on the fact that the problem seems to go away when you format and reinstall Windows.

I had an odd problem with Win 7 on a Gigabyte board that would result in a corrupted hard drive from time to time. (not the same board as yours). Replaced and tested everything except the M/B and CPU and never did figure out what caused it. Long as it was a hot or warm boot it worked fine. But it would mess up any hard drive eventually. Formatting and a reinstall would fix it for a while, or just reinstalling a back up.

I retired the system a while back. Then put Linux Mint on it and it runs fine without any hard drive or boot problems. That's my suggestion - boot from a Linux CD and see if the issues go away, which might suggest that the Window's OS is corrupt.

Also, do a search on that specific M/B board and see if others have similar problems with it.

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